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What supplements should I take daily?

Finding the right supplementation to take daily is no easy task.  Here are some ideas on what to look for, and why I suggest the ones I do.


Being able to see exactly what is in the daily supplements you use is important. Labels should be clear and easy to read.  You want to know not only is it good for your body, but is it being sourced responsibly and is it good for the people producing it.

This is one area where I feel my company, doTERRA, really excels.  Being clear on ingredients, and their co-impact sourcing agenda lets you know that they are deeply committed to their growers and producers of the ingredients in their products.  Integrity is part of who I am, and who they are.  It’s why I love their products and feel good about recommending them to you!


I love a company that puts their money where their mouth is.  It’s important, especially these days when information is so readily available.  Having high quality ingredients, and being up on the latest scientific information, as well as doing your own research will help make sure a product will stand up to the test of quality, purity and effectiveness.

The Life Long Vitality (LLV) daily supplements that I have recommended on previous posts is still a vital part of meeting my everyday health needs. It provides a pathway to more energy, less inflammation, and overall boost to my wellness that you really have to experience to believe it.

It worked for me!

If you are like me, you may not feel a big difference at first, though some do, but for me the improvement came gradually over time.  Then, as happens to us all,  I forgot to take them for a few days, and man!  Did I ever notice a difference! Less energy, more brain fog and aches and pains.  So back on the LLV I went and it still helps me feel great.

Look for words like “Bioavailable”, and “Optimized”

These are words to look for that help you know these daily supplements can easily be absorbed and used by your body.  Knowing that your body can actually utilize the nutrients you are ingesting is vital.  This is especially true if you are over 40. That’s why the LLV and the nutrition line are such incredible tools to helping us both achieve our wellness goals.

What do I really need?

At the root of our health is our nutrition.  Did you know that 95% of adults and 98% of teens are woefully short in Vitamin D?

Most of us are deficient in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Calcium as well. And a whopping 97% ae lacking in fiber.  Increased use of packaged foods, and fast foods have caused our gut health to suffer.

Our Microbiome (think landscape of your digestive tract) which is essential to digestion really gets thrown out of whack with these types of food choices. Add to that certain medications that really upset the balance like extensive use of antibiotics and your microbiome suffers.  Trying to get the good bacteria back, and get it balanced becomes very difficult without help.

When you consider that your gut is also your “second brain”, you start to realize just how important these nutritional choices are.

There is no replacement for a healthy diet.

We simply have to give our bodies good food, just like you need to put good gas in a car if you want it to perform well. However, daily supplements like the LLV and the Nutritional Line help make healthy, proactive, whole food choices simple, easy to use, and readily available to your body for quick assimilation.

Now that’s something to get excited about!

This Nutrition line will revolutionize how you take care of yourself.  Start with the foundation of the LLV to help fill the gaps of what your food doesn’t give you.  Then use the protein, fiber and greens to help you reach your optimal goals each day of what your body needs.

Fiber…nope, not a cable for your TV.

Check this! One serving of the Fiber provides six grams of soluble and insoluble fiber, CPTG® (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Lemon essential oil, natural vitamin C, and a unique prebiotic blend. The daily recommended amount is 28 grams.  Even with a healthy diet, most people in the US are not getting even half that amount. This fiber product can really help you bridge that gap, promoting healthier, happier gut and bowels.

Why Greens?

Some days are just hard to get all the vegetables, and especially the greens you need.  Here is a unique blend that includes superfoods, and it’s naturally sweetened. Plus these greens include the digestive benefits of ginger extract and lemon and ginger CPTG essential oils.

What does that mean for you and me?  We get to have more energy and feel healthier.  And on top of that, these greens are packed full of immune and digestive supporting nutrients, and can even help with weight management. Sounds like a win/win to me!

Sorry but I have to say it…

TERRAZYME!  This digestive enzyme is a game changer.  It’s why you hear me talk about it a lot. Digestive enzymes are what helps your body break down the food you eat…proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  Sometimes though, we lack enough digestive enzymes to properly break down our food…leading to us not getting the nutrients we need.  Even if we are eating healthy.  We have to be able to absorb the nutrients, and the daily supplement of Terrazzyme helps make sure you break down your food so you can use it.

Signs that you may really need Terrayme?  Bloating, excessive gas, cramping after you eat and so forth.  Check with your doctor and find out what you have going on.  He/she will probably tell you a good digestive enzyme is a great idea…and this one is awesome!

So, how do I know where to start?

Figuring out where to start, and what daily supplements will serve you best depends on you. What are your goals?  Is having a natural, safe and effective product important to you? Is having it well researched important?  Is transparency important?  Is quality important? Is bioavailability important?

If so, then I suggest you start with the Healthy Habits Kit which contains the LLV and many of the essential oils I have discussed. Even better…get the Foundational Habits Kit to give you the Protein, Fiber and Greens and all the tools in the Healthy Habits Kit.  You’ll have everything you need to really support your body and give you what you need to feel your best from the inside out!

Often people like to reboot their healthy lifestyle with a cleanse.  If you’d like to see which one I recommend, ask to be admitted to my EPO New You Cleanse.  Even if it’s summertime when you read this, you can do this cleanse any time.  Click here to ask to join: NEW YOU CLEANSE

Simple.  Easy.  Effective.

Now that’s the kind of help I need.  How about you?

What’s the BEST way to get the oils and products I want?

Typically, if you think you want to start using the oils andor the nutritional supplements, the smartest move is to purchase one of my starter kits.  You save a lot and get more for your money.  If you want to check out my special offer, and explore which kits I recommend right now, check out this post entitled “How to get your own Essential Oils and Natural Products“.




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