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Water…your body’s superpower

Have you noticed that everyone today is getting onboard the water drinking bandwagon?  I take a water bottle with me almost everywhere I go, and I’m not alone.  Water is your body’s superpower. Getting enough water in your diet is a daily challenge for many of us, and here’s some reasons why it’s important.

Did you know???

Your body and mine is made up of about 60% water.  We lose it repeatedly throughout the day through various means, including sweat, urine, skin evaporation, and so forth.  Having enough water in our system is vital for temperature regulation and even to keep our brain functioning at its best.  It’s important that we replace the daily losses of water within our body, and drinking water is the best way of doing that.  (Alcohol by the way, is the worst.)

Water is your body’s superpower to make things flow!

Here’s where water’s superpower really shines. So many of our body’s functions rely on adequate water to keep them flowing and healthy.  The kidneys use water to cleanse the body of waste.  If you are low on water, then the kidney’s will pull water from other areas of your body to compensate, leading to dehydration, constipation and so forth. To keep the kidneys functioning optimally, let water be the superpower it is meant to be.  Drink enough water each day to offset the losses caused by usage in our bodies. Literally flushing out the toxins is what the kidneys do, and they have to have enough water available to do their job.

All systems functioning normal?

Another thing that water does within the body is regulate the body’s fluids. This means that water is involved with many of the body’s daily functions, like saliva output, digestion, transferring of nutrients throughout the body and more. Water literally makes everything move better within our bodies, and is a vital nutrient itself. In fact, having enough water improves your brain’s ability to think and function. Brain fog is a real thing, and drinking enough water may just help you be able to think more clearly…yes please! Water is not only the superpower for your body, but your brain.

Does water really help with weight management?

This question is a big deal when you are dealing with the ups and downs of weight control.  While there is mixed opinions on whether drinking plenty of water actually aids weight loss, one thing is for sure…it doesn’t hurt.  For me, I notice that when I drink enough water, and the toxins are more easily removed from my system, I lose weight easier. For me, water is the superpower that helps my weight loss efforts to be more effective.

Let water be the superpower that helps you repair and re-hydrate your muscles.

One aspect of drinking water you may not realize is the importance of it in helping your muscles to recover after exertion.  Not only do you lose water when you sweat in a workout, but your muscles need water to help bring them the nutrients they need to rebuild and become supple and stronger. And it helps to lubricate your joints.  Hydrated muscles will be plumper too, and lubricated joints will work better…which sounds like a win/win to me!  Water is the superpower to help improve your athletic performance…whether you are a weekend warrior or an avid athlete.

Look younger?  Yes please! 

Want healthy looking skin?  Who doesn’t?  Then water is one of your best friends.  Dehydrated skin looks older and more wrinkled.  Water is the superpower of moisturizers.  Creams can help to “lock in” moisture, but we have to drink it in first.  Stay hydrated to “plump it up” and your skin will look younger, feel smoother, and have that natural hydrated glow.

Yet another reason to eat your fruits and veggies…

Foods with higher water content tend to be more filling and help you to maintain better hydration.  Most fruits and vegetables, soups that are broth based instead of cream, and beans fall into this category.  And since water also helps with digestion, there’s another reason to be sure to add your veggies to your dinner plate, and fruit to your snack regimen.

How much should I drink?

First, how much water should you drink?  The recommended average is 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  So a 150 pound person should drink approximately 75 ounces of water.  If you work out, then for every hour of exercise, add 16-24 ounces more of water.  This is just an average but should help you get pretty close.

Here are some things I do that help me to drink the water I need.

Drink a cup of water first thing in the morning and a cup before every meal.  This helps you be hydrated and fill up your stomach to help you eat less.

Add cucumber, lemon slices, or herbs like basil or mint to your water.  They smell great and are tasty too.

My daily favorite is lemon essential oil in my water.  Not only does it help to detoxify my system and help to flush out the toxins, but it smells wonderful and tastes great too.  Remember this important tip…Only use oils in your water if the container is glass, stainless steel or ceramic.  DO NOT drink your water with essential oils in plastic containers.  Citrus oils can break down the polyethylene in the plastic putting it into your water…and THAT’S NOT HEALTHY!  Besides, water in glass or stainless steel tastes better anyway. I really love to put it into my water bottle when I work out because the citrus oil helps me keep from getting that yucky mucus feeling in the back of my throat.  Just put 1-3 drops in your 20 ounce water bottle and enjoy!

Favorite ‘essential oils for your water’ combos:

You might also like the combo of lemon and lime essential oil…great boost to the immunity and energy too! Plus it smells good so it can boost your mood…a definite plus! Now you’re taking your water’s superpower potential to a whole new level!

Try my all time favorite combo…1 drop lemon essential oil, 1 drop lime essential oil, and 1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil and 1 drop grapefruit essential oil into 20 to 24 ounces of water.  It’s yummy!  The cinnamon is a great detoxer and the grapefruit encourages the body to let go of fat in the cells more easily. So yes, it’s my favorite!

Slim and Sassy oil…a few drops goes a long way and helps to curb your carb and sugar cravings! If you like mint in your water,you’ll LOVE this one!

Spearmint and wild orange…minty and fruity all at the same time.  Mmmmm!

So what do you think? You ready to start letting water be your body’s superpower?  Then one way is to start with some of these great oils. You can take advantage of one of our kits to help you get the best oils at a super price!  I recommend the Home Essentials kit to really get all the oils you need, or if you are on a budget, you could always get the mini introductory kit for $55 with just the lemon, peppermint and lavender. The point is…to start doing something that will help you succeed in your health goals today!

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Questions?  I’m YOUR Wellness Advocate!  You can ask me anything…I’m here to help!

Want to read more on how to move forward on your wellness journey?  Check out our blog on How to change to a healthy lifestyle!

Adding essential oils will really make water…your body’s superpower!  Bottoms up!


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