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The Perfect Essential Oils for Beginners, Part 2

Here are the perfect essential oils for beginners (part 2) that I promised! If you missed part 1, click here for The Perfect Essential Oils for Beginners, Part 1. What did you think of part one? If you are like me, then you are getting excited at the possibilities that start to emerge. Think of what you can do for your own family!  And if you are a health and wellness practitioner, then this is a tool you can’t be without.

We left off talking about Frankincense. Seriously that oil can do so many things! Are you ready for more?  Then here we go!

Ahhh, the Italians!

Oregano oil is one of the “Italians” and is considered a “hot” oil. (The “Italians” would be Oregano, Thyme and Basil.) That means I would never use this oil straight on my skin as it can feel uncomfortably warm.  ALWAYS use a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO). Remember the safety tip of never adding water if an oil becomes uncomfortable.  To read more on this and other safety tips, check out this previous post on How to Use Essential Oils Safely.

Oregano is one of my favorite “powerhouse” oils, and the last of the single oils I’d begin with.  If you are feeling slightly under the weather in the winter time, a few drops of oregano oil can really make a difference. I  combine it with the next oil I will talk about called OnGuard, and a few drops of lemon and frankincense oils in a capsule. They make a mighty powerhouse to support your immune system and help your body fight off seasonal threats. Oregano oil is also a rich source of antioxidants and even supports healthy respiratory and digestion function. Adding half a drop to  your favorite marinara sauce will have your taste buds humming! Do that by sticking a toothpick into the bottle and then passing it through your sauce.  One drop would be too much. Enhance your cooking, and your immune, digestive and respiratory system with this simple powerhouse of an oil.

The Blends…

If you have read ANY of my previous posts on immunity then you already know how important this oil is. In fact you might want to pop over to my Boosting Immunity post and get my free immunity guide if you are interested. OnGuard is a perfect essential oil for beginners because it is a blend that takes the guesswork out. It is the perfect balance of oils that support your immune system blended in the exact perfect amounts. This enables your body to access them easily.

OnGuard is amazing when your throat feels a bit raw or yucky.  Simply put a drop in 1/4 cup water and gargle every 15 minutes for about an hour.  Or to support a healthy throat all the time, try our OnGuard beadlets.  These little guys give you a drop anytime you need fresh breath or an immune boost in a convenient flip top bottle that fits in your purse or pocket.

One of my favorite healthy snacks is to put some water in a bowl, a drop of OnGuard and sliced apples.  The kids love them, they taste great, and you are giving an immune boost too!

Of course cleaning with the OnGuard cleaner keeps your house not only smelling clean, but makes it deep down clean. Who doesn’t like that? Want to keep your office space healthy and happy?  Diffuse OnGuard oil into the air.  It’s cinnamon and clove scent is appealing as well as boosting to your immunity and your environment. It has been known to kill pathogens in the air when diffused, making your air cleaner and healthier to breathe.  How’s that for just one oil? See why it’s one of the perfect essential oils for beginners?

Deep breath!

While we are talking about clean air, let’s talk about breathing. Breathe essential oil blend is a must for beginners because it helps with anything respiratory. I love diffusing this one at night to promote easy breathing.  And you get an added bonus!  When you breathe easier, you tend to sleep better and deeper. This is one I always brought to my kids soccer games too. I would give my daughter a drop in her hands, have her rub them together, and breathe the oil in. It would open up her airways, help her get deeper breaths, and that improved her athletic performance. Breathe helped promote open airways if the grass had just been mowed too!


Another favorite use is at night to rub on my kids chest during times when they just needed that momma touch. I use FCO, or even easier, I use the Breathe stick. It feels good and promotes that easy breathing and good nights rest we’re all looking for, along with a loving moment with my child.

Athletic supporter….no not that one!

Since we are also talking a bit about athletic performance, this blend is a must for anyone who is active and gets sore or fatigued muscles. Deep Blue comes in a handy cream I keep in my kids athletic bags or my gym bag. It smells good and more importantly, it warms up muscles and helps me loosen up before and after a workout. It helps prevent injury by encouraging better circulation and penetrates deep into the muscle tissue to warm them up for better movement. Great for kids who wake up in the night with twitchy legs too. Of course, they are a must before your young (or older!) athlete gets moving.  Helps manage discomfort and keeps you going strong. That’s why it makes the list for one of the perfect essential oils for beginners.

Deep Blue isn’t just for athletes though.  It’s great for older hands that can use relief during rain storms or extreme weather. And if you are into massage, I always ask my therapist to add it in.  It benefits us both!

Last but not least…

Let’s face it, it you have an unhappy tummy, all of you is unhappy! Digestzen is one of the perfect essential oils oils for beginners because of that. Happy gut, happy life. So if you sometimes eat too much, or eat something that just doesn’t like you, try a drop or two of Digestzen in a veggie capsule or in a bit of water and drink it down. If your little one has an unhappy tummy, try rubbing their stomach with a couple drops of Digestzen and FCO.  Or if they need to blow out their diaper, try a bit around the belly button.  But be ready, because it works!

I even used Digestzen when I was out on a boat and the waves were a bit too much. Digestzen helped keep my tummy happy so I could enjoy the ride. Digestzen can even be of great support for those who suffer from gluten intolerance and get cross-contaminated. This little oil taken in a capsule and rubbed on the stomach can really provide support and relief to distressed digestive systems. That’s why it’s a must for essential oil beginners.

There you have it!  The perfect essential oils for beginners, part 2! That’s 10 amazing oils that will help get you started and be able to address most of life’s “little emergencies”. That’s powerful as a mom or dad, or even a grandparent! Having a tool that is safe, effective and natural makes you feel good about how you are helping your family, or your clients. They will thank you.

Want more?

So if you’d like to learn more, please explore more of the posts and hopefully they will answer your questions. If you have specific questions, or would like to see a post on a specific subject, message me and let me know. I always want to find ways to serve you better. And if you’d like to chat, simply click on My Calendar and schedule a time. I’d love to answer your questions! Remember, you can ask me anything, and there is no obligation to buy.  However, I can’t help it if you get excited about the possibilities! I know I do!

If you want to look at some of the best ways to get started using the oils, you might find this post helpful: I’m ready to start using essential oils

As always, stay healthy and happy!

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