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Taking the Guesswork Out of Using Essential Oils

Taking the guesswork out of using essential oils is easier than it seems. Are you one that looks at the many things you see online about essential oils and feel like the information is overwhelming?  That you can’t even figure out where to begin?  Then this post will help you make navigating the world of essential oils simple and easy.

So where do we begin?

Let’s start with what essential oils are, and are not.

Essential oils come from the root, stem, bark, peel, seed, flower or greenery of a plant. They are very aromatic and highly concentrated. In the past one issue has been purity.  There is not a global standard for what constitutes a pure, unadulterated oil.  There are however, known constituent levels within each oil that are present if the oil is pure.

What is a pure essential oil?

On the market today you will find inexpensive essential oils almost everywhere.  To take the guesswork out of using essential oils, let’s start with what pure means. It means no foreign material, chemicals, fillers, etc. Many companies will state their oils are pure, and may even have some pure essential oil in them. The problem is many of them use other fillers and plant materials to make the oil cheaper, insuring a greater profit. Unless the oil is detected, you might not notice at first. These oils can have adverse effects, or be less effective in general because of lack of purity and adulteration.  If you want something that is safe, and that works, then don’t settle. Use an oil that is tested. You can even look up each single bottle of oil at to see how your doTERRA oil met its standards.  Now that’s transparency!

I like to use doTERRA essential oils. They make sure that there are no fillers, chemicals, pesticides, weeds, or other plant materials in their oils. It’s why I choose them as my vehicle to help others experience the benefits of great essential oils. Our company works with leading chemists and our growers from around the world to help set the highest standards for each oils composition. They help us make sure we use the right species of plant for the most efficacy, grown in the most ideal environments. Then the plants are carefully harvested at the perfect time, giving us the most potent, pure essential oils available in the market today.

Few companies put their oils through the testing that doTERRA does to ensure a potent, pure essential oil. Knowing each oil is free of contaminants, allows you peace of mind when you use it. That is one reason many of our oils are even safe to use internally.  There is a “Supplemental Facts” label on each oil that is safe for internal consumption.

How do I start to use essential oils?

There are 3 main ways we use essential oils. The first is easiest, its aromatically. You can experience this just by putting a drop in the palm of your hands, rubbing them together, and holding over your nose and inhaling.

Smells divine…

You can also use what is known as a diffuser.  Usually a container that holds water and you put in your favorite scent of oils.  This is fun because you can play with what you like, make up your own combinations, or diffuse to affect mood.  I highly recommend getting one of the essential oil apps, or a hardback book to look up what each oil helps with.  This will guide you as you first begin to use oil to know what might be the best start for you. A great place to grab the books or app is Aroma Tools. They have a variety of books for many interests.  I especially recommend the Modern Essentials book and the Modern Essential Emotions book. Not to mention you can message me anytime and ask me anything!


Topically is another method of using the oils that is easy and you have probably experienced.  Massage therapists use essential oils to help soothe and support muscle repair and relieve discomfort in a massage. Some people use them for  light airy, more natural perfume. Others use on the bottoms of their feet to travel throughout the body’s system supporting relaxation and immunity. Typically I advise using a “carrier” oil when using an essential oil topically. I love using fractionated coconut oil (FCO) because it is light, absorbs easily, and has many health benefits of its own. Especially if you are using an essential oil on a child or someone with sensitive skin, use a carrier. Depending on the area you want to cover, use a dime size to a quarter size helping of the FCO, and then just 2-4 drops of essential oil.  Remember, a little goes a long way!


Use a “hot” oil directly on skin. These are oils such as Oregano, Cinnamon, Thyme, Clove and Cassia. Always dilute with a carrier.  NEVER try to dilute with WATER! Water intensifies an essential oil and drives it into the skin, so instead of lessing its potency, you’d be increasing it. Also keep essential oils away from the eyes, inner ear, nose cavity, and other sensitive areas of your body. If an oil becomes uncomfortable, add more carrier till it dissipates.

Inside out…

Lastly, using essential oils internally is a debated issue. Those who have been trained in the British style say that you never use an oil internally, while the French method says you do. I advocate internal use with caution. Especially if you have allergies.

I have used these oils for over 12 years now in all three methods without incident.  If I always remember less is more, and ask questions, I find them to be of inestimable help. We use them for boosting immunity, helping with seasonal threats, and promoting better overall health in my family.  I simply put a drop or two in a glass of water and drink it.  Or, a few drops in a veggie capsule and swallow. Easy, peasy. In short, essential oils are a tool I am grateful for.  Essential oils are not the answer to everything, but they are the answer to many things.

So, How do I start?

I usually like to talk with people over a short call to find out what your top 3 major health related issues are. This way we can be sure to help you get the essential oils you will most likely be able to use and incorporate into your lifestyle. This can be really fun as you start to explore the world of essential oils.  It just might give you some memorable moments too.

One mom says her kids all line up at night for their magic sleep oils. They get them on their feet and backs.  This loving, touching (literally) time between parent and child can be soothing as well as bonding. Or rubbing an oil on your child’s stomach when it is feeling yucky can really be a gently sweet, discomfort relieving time for you and your child. There are endless applications.

One thing you need to know, is if you follow the safety guidelines listed above, you really can’t use an essential oil wrong. So have some fun experimenting. See what works best for you!  Before you know it, you’ll be an essential oil pro for your family.  Plus I give you lots of recipes and rollerball ideas to get you started.  You’ll know exactly what to do and how. And you’ll have confidence in facing the everyday challenges of life with a natural, safe, effective approach.  How’s that for great?

For more in-depth info on essential oil safety, check out this post: How to use essential oils safely

Would you like to have a virtual “green drink” and talk about your questions and ideas (no obligation to buy)?  If so, click my calendar and let’s chat! I’ll bring the fruit!  Just click “Let’s Chat”

Here’s to making life healthier, easier and more oily!


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