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Malady of the week… 5 owie solutions

It happens to everyone. Little owies and boo boos from bumping, sliding, or downright crashing into immovable objects. And it just plain hurts. So,this week’s malady?  Owie solutions!

Owie Solution!!!

Do you have a skateboarder, skier, football player, soccer player, baseball player, all-around athlete, or child (or husband!) that just runs into things?  Or maybe you’re the one that seems to have the clutz gene. Whomever it is in your family (and there’s always one!) here are some natural solution ideas you’ll love.

Try out this “Owie Spray” for those everyday bumps and scrapes. Just mix 10 drops Frankincense, 10 Drops Lavender, and 10 drops Melaleuca, now called Tea Tree in a 2 ounce bottle. Then top off with either fractionated coconut oil (FCO) or water, attach your spray top and shake. Then apply to the affected area.  It is soothing, cleansing and supports healing of the area. You’re gonna love it!

Muscle Owie Solutions

Do you have an athlete who overworked their muscles this week?  Or maybe you overdid it in the yard or gym? Then Deep Blue is your new best friend! This amazing blend comes in a couple varieties for easy use. Try the roll-on, Deep Blue Rub, the herbal polyphenol blend, or the oil straight from the bottle.  I personally love the rub for easy use. I use it before and/or after the gym, weeding or anything stressful to my muscles. It’s warming and cooling sensation penetrates deep into the muscle providing comfort and relief. The herbal supplement is great to support a healthy inflammatory response as well. Whether you use the oil or rub, this simple tool can help increase your athlete’s performance simply by applying before their event. It will help warm up their muscles, improve blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles, which can help improve performance. Simple, easy and effective. That’s my kind of tool!

Head and Shoulder Owie Solutions

Do you ever get tense? Do you sit at a computer all day and get the shoulder blues? I know  do! But there is an oil for that. (Try to act surprised!) Past Tense is a super blend of the perfect oils, in just the right amounts, to help chase your head and shoulder discomforts away. Just grab your bottle and apply with a drop or two of FCO to the affected area. You’ll be stunned how cooling, relaxing and soothing it is. You have to work, you have things you have to do, but you don’t HAVE to do it uncomfortable! Past Tense can help. You’ll love it!

My other “go to” for head discomfort?  Try 2 drops each of Frankincense, Lavender and Peppermint. I’ve watched this chase away some of the worst head owies you can imagine. It’s so fun as a mom to have something that not only works, but is safe to use. Be sure and add a bit of FCO especially if you use on children.


Tummy Owie Solutions

I wish I had this one when I was a kid! But, I’m sure glad I have it now! Digestzen for tummy troubles is phenomenal. It soothes, calmes and promotes a healthy gut. Whether you are out on the open seas, riding in a car, plane, got a bug, or just ate too much, this oil is a lifesaver! Just one or two drops in a 1/4 glass of water and drink, or rub on the bottoms of your feet, or over the abdomen will send relief your way. Need to move the bowels along? Try it out.  Need to slow things down a bit? Try Digestzen out. Cross contamination issues? This is your oil! It comes in the regular bottle for easy application, a softgel for internal use, and even a Digest Tab for that quick  after-dinner support. You can thank me later. 🙂


Too Much Sun/Heat Owie Solution

Oh oh! Did you over-expose your skin to the sun? Or touch a hot pan? That’s an owie I just hate! But never fear! My daughter handed me a pan…but I didn’t know she had just grabbed it off the stove. I grabbed it with my hand and….ouch! Immediately felt the heat! So what to do? I grabbed my doTERRA lavender oil of course! And I put several drops on. Then I applied ice. I kept doing this for a couple of hours. It was very uncomfortable, and I’ll be honest, I wondered if the lavender was going to work. After about 4 hours, the discomfort faded, and I went to bed. The next morning when I got up I immediately looked at my hand. No swelling, no discomfort, and only a little redness remained. I couldn’t believe it. So yes, I’m a believer now, because it worked for me. What a relief!

My Magic Sauce…

Here’s my magic sauce for skin exposed to too much sun! Just take a couple of tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel, and add 4 or 5 drops of lavender and carefully apply to the skin. It is so soothing and moisturizing. You won’t believe how quickly it works. Your skin will thank you!

If you like these tips and want to learn more about how to use essential oils, you might enjoy this post about Taking the Guesswork out of Using Essential Oils. It has some great ideas, tips and safety guidelines. I hope you enjoy it!

Ask Me Anything Solution! 

Would you like to ask your questions personally? Do you want to have a no pressure, no obligation visit where you can ask anything?  If so, then just snag a spot on My Calendar and we an chat! I look forward to hanging out with you!

Till then, remember, Healthy really can be Simple!






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