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Lessons Learned From Wearing a Mask

Did you ever think you’d be in a position to wonder if you’d learned any lessons from wearing a mask? I sure never thought I would. But as I contemplate the last year and the things I learned, here’s some take-aways I hope you will find insightful and maybe even a bit humorous.

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #1

Guess what? Smiling with your eyes can be done!  In fact, it has to be more genuine to get to your eyes I think.  And you know what?  I am actually grateful for those smile lines now….because it helped people to know I was smiling at them from behind my mask. (That or they thought I was grimacing, but we’ll go with the smile theory!) I also noticed I found myself striving harder to make eye contact too so they would know I was smiling at them. It’s always fun to see the person who looks genuinely surprised when they realize you are smiling at them.  Have  you noticed?  It’s like a little jerk and they stand up a little taller.  Try it.  It’s fun!

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #2

A mask is a great personal diffuser for essential oils.  It’s true!  Who knew?!  I found that the world smelled a lot better in many instances when I put a drop or two of my favorite oil on the mask and smelled it while walking around.  Citrus oils are especially nice, but also woodsy or calming oils.  It is a fun way to keep things smelling nice. Especially if I had garlic for lunch. Eww…

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #3

Speaking clearly and with distinction not only sounds better, but is essential if you are wearing a mask. If you mumble at all, chances are no one will know what you said.  That can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending.  But I found myself taking more care with my words and striving to speak clearly so I could be understood.  How often do we do that?  How often do we think about the words we are saying and strive to articulate them in a way that we know others will understand what we are trying to say?  I think that is a habit that will serve me well long after the mask mandates go away.  It also says you care when you take the time to speak so the person you are talking to can understand you.  Enough volume without being too loud, clear diction so words are understood, and good sentence structure so you make sense.  One of the better lessons I learned.

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #4

Body language really speaks loudly if you are paying attention. How often could you tell what someone was saying not by the words you heard, but by the way they moved?  Like “come on let’s go” is an easy one.  Or looking deeper at you letting you know they are awaiting your response (potentially problematic if you missed the question).  But notice how people lean in to hear what you say, or cock their head to one side.  Or maybe they step in a little closer.  All these signal that we are listening and paying attention to one another. That is a compliment all on ints own.

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #5

Ok, how many of you did this?  Someone asked you a question and you weren’t listening and so you said “What did you say?  I couldn’t understand because of the mask!”  Totally blamed it on the mask!  Nice to have something that can help you when you should have been paying attention.  Just don’t overuse it.  Your body language might give you away anyway! So lesson learned?  Pay attention when someone is speaking.  Always a good one. (See lesson #4!)

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #6

My breath was way worse than I thought! So keeping my Peppermint or OnGuard Beadlets handy is a  must.  Did you ever put on your mask and wonder what had died in there?  This is a great time to use #2 by the way.  Also, brush your tongue!  Yep!  This is actually really effective in helping to have better overall oral health and better smelling breath.  I would also add using a great natural toothpaste like the OnGuard Whitening toothpaste and the OnGuard mouthwash is yummy!  It’s got that refreshing cinnamon taste that is totally unique and super effective for great oral health. So now you know.

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #7

One of the lessons learned was that I don’t like my nose and mouth covered. It really takes some getting used to, and I take it off as soon as I can. How about you?  How did you learn to deal with it?  I know for some it has been a real challenge and causes feelings of anxiousness. It was especially hard when we went places for most of a day and had to wear it all day except when eating.  One thing that really helped me with those anxious feelings was to drop some Balance essential oil on my mask.  It really helped me feel more calm and less stuffy.  Breathe essential oil was another good choice as it helped me feel like I could breathe easier and that was calming.  Especially if I couldn’t remove my mask.

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #8

Children are amazingly resilient. We took our grandchildren to Walt Disney World in Florida and had to wear masks the whole day.  I thought for sure we would be fighting with the 3 year old. But nope.  She wore her mask like a champ.  She seemed to understand that if we wanted to be there, we had to wear the mask, and so she did.  Can’t wait till we can go back someday without them, but I was impressed that she made it work so well.  There’s a lesson there I guess.  We can make the best of difficult and unpleasant things.  And most things are not permanent.  They won’t last forever, and we won’t have to wear these masks forever.

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #9

I learned that I really miss seeing people’s faces.  Though as I said before, you can really read a lot in the eyes, and body language, it is harder.  And i can’t wait to wear lipstick again!  Isn’t that funny? Who would have ever thought we would miss lipstick? So  I do look forward to seeing your beautiful faces.  Your smile, your frown, your upside down.

Lessons learned from wearing a mask #10

I have learned not to take such simple freedoms as walking into a store without a mask on for granted. And I think we are learning to not take each other so for granted either. We got some insight into how hard our medical and emergency professionals work for us.  We have hopefully learned to value even more our elderly and not take them for granted. Or how about the ability to just walk in the park, or work out at the gym?  We have a lifestyle here in America that holds so much opportunity for so many.  We have our problems, true, but this is still such a wonderful place to live.  Our people make it so.  People like you.  People who care for others and strive to make a difference.

So as Truly listen to each other. Share your smile.  Offer up a helping hand.  Make a difference because sometimes only you can.  Let’s lift and help each other, and remember to be grateful.  Gratitude can heal most ills. So with or without a mask, let’s make a difference for the better.  Together we can.

Oh, and if you want to look into how to start using some of these outstanding essential oils for you and yours, you might enjoy this post on How to Use Essential Oils Safely.


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