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Just Breathe

Just breathe.  Sounds simple right?  And usually it is. But sometimes getting that breath is a challenge, due to stress, environmental factors, or personal health. Would you be interested in a somewhat simple solution that works for literally thousands of people?  Thought you might…

When I first started using essential oils, one thing that amazed me was how well they worked.  Consistently. I was really skeptical at first, thinking that this was just something that people were trying to sell me to make money.  Been there, done that. But the funny thing was, they worked.

This experience was life changing for me…

One of my first experiences was with my children’s violin teacher. Her baby was sick with a “thing” that goes around here in Utah a lot in the winter. She had been up all night with the baby, and was probably going to head to the hospital that night if there was no improvement is what her doctor told her. So we tried some OnGuard, Basil oil and some Breathe to help her out, putting them with a carrier oil on the babys feet and chest. I just wanted to help and figured it was worth a try and she agreed. Next thing you know, the baby started breathing easier and started to improve from then on. I was astounded and amazed It sure gave me something to ponder!

Oh oh…

Another one I’ll share was a man who called me up and said, “Is this Michelle?  The one who sold me some Breathe essential oil?”  I thought, “Oh boy, here we go.  He must be unhappy.” But you know what?  He called to tell me he hadn’t been able to breathe that well in over 20 years as he had some long standing respiratory issues.  Wow!  You could have knocked me over with a feather! And that’s when I started to realize I had found a tool that really allowed me to serve and help people in their everyday lives.  I love that!

Nope, I’m not perfect.

This is the power of an essential oil.  I also have stories where I didn’t get it right, and I wasn’t able to help. It happens.  Sometimes it takes some trial and error and also consistency in using an oil to see a change.  Also, I am not a doctor, so my best guess is not always the right one.  That’s why I’m an advocate of melding your medical professional with natural methods too. The combo is pretty powerful, because both can help in ways the other can’t.  Plus it empowers you to make better, healthier decisions for your own health and for those you love.  I really enjoy being a part of that, which is what makes this such a fun and rewarding business.

For Athletes and Weekend Warriors…

Breathe essential oil is a staple in our home.  We tend to use it during all seasons of the year. In the summer, during sports and outdoor activities, it can help athletic performance by supporting deep and healthy breathing.  This allows oxygen to get into the blood and to the muscles where it is needed to create energy and improve the athletes ability to compete. Or to help your weekend warrior get more oxygen and nutrients into their blood which can help them stay healthier.

Seasonal Threats in Summer and Winter

Breathe essential oil has been a lifesaver when summer seasonal threats attack. Whether your out mowing the lawn, or walking in the woods, this one can really help when you start to feel your chest and lungs tighten up, or your eyes start to sting.  Just put a drop on your hands, rub them together, and breathe it in.  It’s effects can be felt immediately. It’s pretty fun to watch someone find almost instant relief when they are suffering, and know you made things a little bit better for them.

It’s also great during the winter months when you get hit with a seasonal threat that causes yucky noses and difficulty in breathing. I love rubbing the breathe stick on my child or grandchild’s chest during those times.  It reminds me of when my own mother would put Mentholatum rub on me as a kid to ease breathing at night.

Just Breathe…at Night

I also put Breathe essential oil in the diffuser to promote a great night’s sleep. I just breathe it in. It helps to calm me after a stressful day and sends the signal to my body that it’s time to relax and wind down. I sleep better and deeper because when you breathe easier, your body relaxes more and can therefore rest better.  Not bad, right?

Breathe essential oil comes in a roll-on for diluted, immediate use, a 15 mil bottle, a Breathe stick, and throat lozenges (great menthol taste). I always keep one in my purse during my kids athletic games, and often by my bedside at night. Whatever your respiratory needs are, Breathe essential oil can really be a difference maker in your home.

Try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

A Guarantee for You!

By the way, doTERRA has a !00% money back guarantee for any unopened product, or 90% of an opened product within 30 days. Up to 90 days you can get 90% back on an unopened product.  And besides, I will always take care of you.  I want your business, but more than that, I want you to have a wonderful experience with the essential oils.  I want you to be successful in finding ways they help make life for you and your family better.  That’s my goal.

May I Be Your Wellness Advocate?

So, won’t you join me?  If you have questions, why not sit down for a virtual “green drink” with me and let’s talk about what your needs are.  Here is my calendar.  Just pick a time and we’ll talk about whatever your questions and concerns are.  No obligation to buy. After all, I want to be YOUR Wellness Advocate.  That means I’m on YOUR side!  Just click my calendar to book!

Are you excited by what you’ve learned reading my posts?  Are you anxious to get your own oils?  I suggest clicking the “my calendar” link so we can get you started with the best oils for you.  However, if you already know what you want, and would prefer to just get going with the oils, this post might be super helpful in showing you some of the best options available for you:  I’m Ready to Get My Own Essential Oils

Remember I also have some great perks available when you decide to start using essential oils with me.  I have a FAQ page with lots of recipes, ideas and fun stuff just for you!  I can’t wait to help you become the essential oil expert and healer in your home!

Here’s to your health!

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