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How to Use Essential Oils Featuring the BOGO Oils!

Have you wanted to learn how to use essential oils, and wanted to attend an essential oil class but haven’t had the chance?  Then you’ll love this!  I have so many goodies in here just for you!  I featured the essential oils from the April 2021 BOGO campaign, but there is lots of info that you can use.  Plus most of these oils you can still get and I can show you how…and at a great price!

After you have watched the recording, and wish to get some oils for yourself, check out my special offer for you on my post here: Show me the Deals!

If you would like to discuss what the best options are for you, click here to schedule a personal one-on-one Wellness Reboot Q&A session with me. No purchase required.  I’m applying for the job of being Your Wellness Advocate.  Click HERE to grab your slot!

That’s it!  Be sure to have a pen and paper ready because I give you lots of fun stuff.  Also check into my Facebook page for lots of great diffuser recipes, DIY’s and more right here:  EPO Facebook Page


Here’s to your health!


PS Sorry for the technical difficulties! We will learn editing soon!

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