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Giving your kids the health tools they need

Fall is in the air. That means cooler nights, changing leaves, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and the kids are back in school. As a good parent, you’ve gathered all the essentials, right? Notebooks, pencils, paper, books, etc. During these uncertain times, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to give your kids the tools they need to stay healthy?  Good news! There is a great way to do just that!

When it comes to the health of your kids, what is most important? Toxin free? All natural? Effective? Safe? Easy to use? Transportable? Compact? Smells good? What if I told you there was a way you could help your kids be healthier and safer and it would include not just one, but all of the above components? Would that be of interest to you? I thought it might. I know it was for me!

Kids want something that is easy to use. doTERRA’s Kids Collection is a group of 7 essential oil blends colorfully designed in 10ml roller bottles for easy use and distribution. They even come with colorful silicon carabiner tops to attach to backpacks, gym bags belt loops or whatever. They are toxin free, all natural, safe, effective, transportable, easy to use, compact and they smell great. And they have a variety of uses. See, told you it was possible!

Kids tool…Thinker!

Thinker blend is the one they will want when they need to focus. They can feel more at ease during tests, assignments, or study time. Your child can pull out their Thinker essential oil blend, roll it on the back of their neck by their brain stem, on their hands and inhale, or even the bottom of their feet if that’s doable. They’ll get the benefits of this special bend that has a slightly sweet, herbal smell. How great will you feel sending them off for a big test armed with this blend knowing they’ll be able to think and focus their best. That’s a kids tool your child will appreciate!

Kids tool…Calmer!

Getting a good night’s rest is vital to helping your kids cope and do their best at school. The Calmer blend can be a child’s new best friend. They can roll it on the back of their neck, across their forehead, on their wrists or just smell. This blend combines the comforting, soothing oils of lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood, and Roman Chamomile to promote serenity. Use this kids tool at night to promote a good night’s sleep or any time they need to feel more calm. This sweet, softly floral, woody blend makes sleep time not just better, but Calmer.

Kids tool…Stronger!

Immunity is a big deal. Arming your children with an extra immune boost as they face the germs that abound in school is reassuring and smart. Good parents use the best tools to arm their children for success. Stronger Protective Blend is a kids tool that can help put on some extra immunity armor as they head out to slay their daily dragons. Have them rub it on the bottoms of their feet before they put their shoes on and at night before bed. They’ll love the lemony, light herbal scent. Stronger is great support for healthy skin too. You can even use Stronger on occasional skin irritations or distressed skin to support a healthy glow.

Kids tool…Tamer!

Little tummies sometimes get upset. Having the Tamer blend handy will be something you will love. Whether their tummy is upset because of too much time in the car, disagreeable food, or nerves, Tamer Digestive blend can make a big difference. Just give them a soothing abdominal massage or rub it on the bottoms of their feet. You’ll love how quickly they start to feel better. Tame those tummies, and help your child feel better fast!

Kids tool…Rescuer!

Kids love moving: running, jumping, climbing or whatever, your little athlete may get the occasional sore muscle. Keeping the Rescuer Blend in their backpack will ensure that anytime they need to soothe their young muscles they’ve got the best kids tool for the job. Just roll on this cooling, soothing blend that contains copaiba, lavender and spearmint to support those young muscles. Adult blends for soothing muscles are often too strong and intense. Rescuer is the “just right tool” to help your child keep running and jumping at their best. And it looks cool too. They’ll think they’re pretty adult with their very own “grown up” athlete oil.

Kids tools Steady, and Brave!

Getting stressed out is not just an adult thing. Kids feel it too. Whether it’s over tests, dealing with friends at school, or just trying to fit in, kids struggle with these feelings. The Steady blend promotes a calming influence when your child is feeling overwhelmed or distressed. It encourages a grounded mood and gratitude. The Brave blend will help them face some of their difficulties with courage, calm confidence. This spicy, citrusy, floral scent will lift and encourage your child and give your kids the tools they needed to face the struggles of their day. The Steady blend will help them remain calm and grounded. They are quite the duo to give your child every advantage.

How it works…

How do oils work to help with all  of these emotions and issues? Great question! I wondered that myself. Essential oils have properties that work within the body’s systems. Several of the components of essential oils encourage calming and soothing to the body’s tissues when applied topically. Other oils promote calming when inhaled through the olfactory system and enter the limbic system where they elicit an emotional response. Because much of our memory is tied to aroma, smells can elicit an emotional response by triggering a memory as well. So though it sounds crazy, it’s actually just a chemical reaction within the body.  It’s biology. Cool right?

These are some amazing kids tools to help your child manage the challenges of everyday life in a healthy, safe, natural, and effective way. It will give you extra peace of mind to know you are providing such great tools for your child that are easy and empowering to use. So you see?  There is something you can do to help your child tackle the world. So go get ’em mom and dad. You’ve got this!

Get your own Kids Collection here:

If you would like to order this Kids Collection, feel free to do so here. I would encourage you to get a wholesale customer account by clicking “Become a Member” so you don’t have to pay retail, but you do you. Click here for My Store.

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