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Getting the Rest You Need

Getting the rest you need seems like something that should be simple enough to do, right?  Yet for many, getting the proper amount of those coveted Z’s can be anything but simple. Life is stressful enough, without adding loss of sleep. Check out these tips where essential oils can really make  a difference for you too!

First things first…

Getting your mind and body to shut down and relax after a busy day is one of the first things we can address to help you get a better nights sleep.  Deeper, easier breathing is a great place to start.

Breathe essential oil blend promotes easy breathing…no surprise there, given its name. It’s a great one to put in your diffuser at night.  Here’s what’s interesting though…when you breathe easier, anxious feelings are calmed and this promotes deeper, more peaceful rest.

Breathe Deep…           

You might try some deep breathing exercises as well before bed. Try breathing in for 5 seconds, then exhaling for 5 seconds.  Do this for 5 times when you climb into bed.  Diffuse the Breathe essential oil while doing this, and throughout the night, and you just might find that deep, blissful sleep, finds you!

Just Say No…

One big one many people don’t realize is how much the things they eat and drink affect their sleep cycle. Caffeine before bed is a no-no for many.  It is a stimulant after all.  Also those with gluten or other allergies might find that eating foods they are sensitive, or even allergic to, can cause sleeping issues.

A great way to figure this out is a food journal.  Start writing down on your phone, or a little notebook, what you eat during the day, and how you sleep that night. It’s possible you may start to notice a pattern that can help you identify any food or drink that is making a good night’s sleep a dream instead of a reality!

Getting the Rest You Need Naturally!

If getting a good night’s sleep is still eluding you, try these amazing essential oils to change things up and hopefully give your body just what it needs to start resting.

Bergmot essential oil is a citrusy, beautiful oil, but did you know it has calming and relaxing properties too?  Using bergamot can help reduce the stress hormones like cortisol in your body.  This lowering of stress, and promotion of relaxation can be very effective in helping you fall asleep easier and getting better rest when you do sleep.  Because this oil is photosensitive just be sure you wait 10-12 hours before letting skin be exposed to sun.  You don’t want to put on a citrus oil topically if you are going to be in the sun.

See what works best for you.  The suggested methods for effective relaxing with bergamot are diffusing, rubbing a drop between your palms so you can breathe it in, rub on ear lobes, chest and bottoms of your feet.   It will be a delight, I promise!

Ylang Ylang essential oil is known to have a soothing effect and helps promote sleep. It’s beautiful floral scent will leave you feeling calm and help your stress melt away.  Ylang ylang is a good one to diffuse or apply topically on inner wrist, over the heart and on the bottoms of your feet. Try this with your little ones and its likely to become a much loved part of preparing for bed for both of you.  Mom or dad’s touch, combined with this beautiful, soothing smell, will help the little ones be sleeping in no time.


Roman Chamomile essential oil is another oil that brings calm and peace to the body.  You can even try this as a tea (1 drop or less) as an added way to use this beautiful oil.  It encourages a more positive outlook and helps calm anxious and sad feelings.  Try spritzing your linens, use topically as outlined above or diffuse.

Adaptiv essential oil blend is formulated specifically to support a calming of anxious and nervous feelings.  You have a few options with this one which is super cool.

Try the Adaptiv essential oil diffused in your room to bring about a calm, more uplifted mood. Try the Adaptiv roll-on to apply the oil on the bottoms of your feet and behind the neck.  Combine this with the Adaptiv Calming Blend capsules which contain such ingredients as Ahi Flower and Gaba (a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep) and you have one winning combination when it comes to getting more rest!

Last, but not least…

Serenity essential oil blend and herbal capsules are formulated specifically to support a good night’s rest and to lessen tension.  So this powerhouse might just be the ticket to giving those tense, unhappy emotions the boot.

Apply the oil topically as mentioned above, and diffuse as well as take the capsule internally for a winning combination that is sure to have you resting well in no time! So if lavender scent is more your thing, try Serenity or lavender. If a more floral and citrus scent it your thing, try the Adaptiv! Isn’t it nice to have choices to help you get the rest you need?

Here’s the best part!

The best part is that you have no negative side effects with using these oils.  They are pure, natural, safe, effective options that can really make a difference for you.  I encourage you to try the ones that speak to you!  I can even send you a small sample if you live in the continental United States.

You’ll love how well they work, and how safe they are.  Remember to use some Fractionated Coconut Oil when using topically to dilute and only use a few drops (2-4) of essential oils when applying to the skin, especially sensitive skin. You will feel less stress just by knowing you are using such a high quality, all natural product to support your body.  And that just feels good!

So…ready to relax?  Let me know if you’d like a free sample of any of the oils mentioned, (just pay postage) or feel free to get your own wholesale account.  Of course you can always buy retail from my store as well.  Here are the links to help you find what you need:

Sample please…simply request one on my website under “Contact Us”

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