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Frankincense, A Gift Fit for a King…and you!

I love the story told of how long ago, gold, frankincense and myrrh were brought to the Christ Child as gifts for the long awaited king.  Frankincense is a gift you and I can enjoy today, bringing many healthy benefits, and is as valuable now as it was then.

The gift of Frankincense…  Tell me more!

To understand the significance of these mighty gifts, it might be helpful to know why they were, and are of such great value.

Why is frankincense so valuable?

Frankincense was carried on the trail from Oman Jordan to Petra…the ancient hub of six major trade routes. Petra was as unique as it was highly defensible.  Then as today, you would travel through a narrow slot canyon for two miles when at the end of the canyon the vista opens up to the wondrous site of the Treasury of Petra. This was where the valuable frankincense oil would be stored under guard.  It was often referred to as liquid gold. (See footnote)


         (My handsome hubby helping you see the grandeur of the Petra Treasury!)

The gifts of frankincense essential oil anciently, as well as today, are almost unlimited.  Anciently it was used for many ailments and infections, as well as spiritual practices and meditation.  The smoke of the resin burns white, which was thought to carry prayers up to God.  It was used in many beauty and skin improvement products.  However, only the very wealthy or high in status could afford such a precious commodity. (see footnote)

Frankincense gift #1…

Today we use frankincense for many of the things listed above. It’s wonderful gift for your skin and can be found in many beauty products.  In fact, the ancient Egyptians even used the charred frankincense resin (called ‘kohl’) for their eyeliner… how cool is that?? (see footnote)

Frankincense gift #2…

Frankincense gifts healthy, vibrant looking skin, supporting a more youthful appearance and helping to keep your skin hydrated. It feels great, smells lovely and is a wonderful addition to any of your night creams or face wash.

Frankincense gift #3…

From personal experience I have found it to be a wonderful addition to all my other oils.  In fact, its one that I can’t live without.  I like to think of frankincense as my own special secret warrior.  One of the things this oil exceeds at is upleveling other oils it is combined with.  Frankincense enhances each oil’s properties while adding specialties all its own.  It has properties as an analgesic, antiseptic, cicatrizing, mood enhancing, and cytophyactic (protecting cells against degeneration).

Frankincense gift #4…

We know that inflammation in the body is at the root of much of the daily discomforts and ailments that we experience.  Another of frankincense gifts is to promotes a healthy inflammatory response in our bodies, and since it is one of DoTerra’s many Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils, it can be taken topically as well as internally to help you feel and perform at your best!

Frankincense gift #5…

Another of frankincense’s incredible gifts include promoting the growth of healthy cells while actively discouraging the growth and production of unhealthy or damaged cells.

Frankincense gift #6…

Did you know it can boost your mood too?  Many people find that taking a drop under the tongue every morning as they begin their day helps promote feelings of peace and happiness.  Kind of appropriate, don’t you think?  Especially during these cold winter months, it can be an oil that makes all the difference.

Frankincense gift #7…

Of course it boosts your immune system too.  This oil really does it all.  That’s why it’s the king.  So whether you diffuse it, put it on topically, take a drop internally, or all of these, this oil will quickly become one you won’t want to be without…ever!

These are just a few of the things this amazing oil can do.  Do you have a favorite not mentioned?  Please share in the comments below!

What is the best way to use frankincense?

Frankincense can be used aromatically, internally (only doTERRA) and topically.  The reason I include only doTERRA for the internal use is that there are many oils on the market today that claim to be pure but are actually mixed with synthetics, solvents or other chemicals to save money.  When it comes to your health, and especially anything you place inside your body, you need to make sure it is safe.  DoTERRA CPTG essential oils are tested and verified safe, and with the supplemental labels you know which ones are recommended for internal consumption.

Get your own frankincense now!

If you would like to get your own Frankincense, simply click HERE where you can get your own wholesale account or just buy retail. (Click the “Shop” tab to buy retail, or the “Become a Member” tab to get your own wholesale account and save.)  Easy, peasy. Questions?  I’m here to help!

What’s the best thing for me from here?

Typically, if you think you want to start using the oils, the smartest move is to purchase one of our starter kits.  You save a lot and get more for your money.  If you want to check out my special offer, and explore which kits I recommend right now, check out this post entitled “How to get your own Essential Oils and Natural Products“.

Of course, if you have any questions at all, please contact me.  You know it would totally make my day if I could help you get a great deal and start using the oils yourself.  I would love to help you see how much of a difference these tools can make in taking care of your family’s health needs.  There is no doubt in my mind that you’ll love them and be glad you found them too.

Isn’t it time you started enjoying the benefits of the King of Oils?


(Info on frankincense taken from Frankincense, by Dr. David Hill, Copyright 2010, Abundant Health publishers, pages 42,43)

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