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Essential Oils and Chiropractic Care

I recognize all of you who may read this post are not chiropractors, so please know that you can apply most of these ideas into your own health routine as well. It’s important my chiropractic friends see and understand what a powerful tool essential oils can be for helping their clients/patients to achieve higher levels of wellness in their lives. I know many of you as chiropractors got into your speciality because you care about people and want to help them feel their best. That’s why I got into essential oils. We may use different vehicles, but we have similar desired outcomes.  So let’s chat about how tremendous essential oils and chiropractic care can be together.

What oils are, and are not….

First let’s talk about what essential oils are, and are not. They are volatile aromatic compounds produced from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, seeds, of plants or rinds of fruits.  They support the body’s healing properties and can even trigger healing in the body. What they are NOT is a cureall, magic pill, or a replacement for good health practices.  Essential oils work with the body, not against it. The body recognizes these compounds because they are carbon based, just like our bodies, so they are easily recognized and put to use within the body.

Essential oils have many properties which promote healing within the body. Let’s go through a few and talk about how they work topically, aromatically, and with doTERRA’S commitment to purity and quality, internally. Not all essential oils are created equal, so please understand that I am talking about doTERRA specifically when it comes to internal use because I know they have been tested to be safe for such use. There are no fillers, chemicals, solvents, weeds, or other plant materials within doTERRA essential oils. And no synthetics or adulteration either. That’s a commitment you can count on bottle after bottle.


Lavender is an extremely versatile oil, and is commonly known for its calming properties. The natural linalool levels are one of the reasons why and gives lavender its beautiful aroma.  When used aromatically, lavender may support feelings of calm and relaxation. Did you know when inhaled through the olfactory system it helps the brain to release serotonin and dopamine? So obviously it can support the easing of tension and nervousness. When used topically it has many cleansing properties making it ideal for skin support and a great aid in massage. Studies suggest lavender essential oil may also be beneficial to the immune system and may help support a healthy circulatory system.

Lavender for Chiropractors

So how could you use lavender in your chiropractic practice? Do you ever have clients come in stressed and anxious over the days events? Especially if they just left work? Or perhaps they just have a hard time relaxing? How great would it be if you were diffusing lavender in the waiting room when they come in? While they wait for their appointment they would automatically reap the benefits of the lavender and start to calm even before you see them.

Applying lavender essential oil on their hand with the AromaTouch hand technique would also be a great idea. While you welcome them into your office, you could start with this 5 minute technique that would encourage them to relax and destress, allowing them to benefit even more from your treatment. And that’s just the beginning of essential oils and chiropractic care! I am happy to show you this technique over a zoom call or in person. It’s super easy and amazingly effective!

Yarrow Pom

You may already know how great Yarrow Pom is for supporting healthy skin. For more on essential oils and skin care, please check out my post on Skin Blemishes. Besides supporting the production of collagen in the skin, Yarrow Pom is super supportive of the body’s healthy inflammatory response, and the high punicic acid levels from the pomegranate have strong antioxidant effects.

Yarrow Pom for Chiropractors

Does your office use massage in any of your therapies? Then Yarrow Pom is just one of several oils that can promote a healthy inflammatory response in the body while promoting great circulation. Your clients probably won’t mind the anti-aging benefits that come along as a bonus either. Yarrow Pom also supports a healthy metabolism, so it can be a great tool for your clients who are looking for support to shed unwanted pounds. I have a “Skinny Jeans Protocol” if you are interested.

Get Your Skinny Jeans Protocol!


Wintergreen is one of those delicious sweet smelling oils. Did you know that wintergreen and birch are the only plants in the whole world that contain methyl salicylate naturally? In Nepal, where this oil is sourced, they use wintergreen in lotions and creams for its soothing properties, especially on stressed out muscles and joints. And a little goes a long way, so you only need a drop or maybe two in a carrier oil or lotion. Try diffusing it for that wonderful uplifting scent that is uniquely wintergreen. You can even make your own toothpaste with it too!

Wintergreen for Chiropractors

Do you have some aging clients who could use some relief of discomfort? Especially in their hands and joints? A little massage with some wintergreen essential oil may just do the trick! Add a drop of spruce too (remember with these oils, only a drop or two in a carrier!) to promote healthy circulation. Now there’s a winning combination!  Are you starting to see how essential oils and chiropractic care are a winning combination? Especially for YOUR clients?

Deep Blue Stick with Copaiba

Now this amazing product is so phenomenal for helping with pain relief you will wonder how you ever got along without it! Seriously! And its compact enough to keep in your gym bag or even your purse. Guys its a bit big for your pocket, but you’ll find a way! Use this before or after a workout to help keep you safe from injury, or post workout to help overstressed muscles. The copaiba in this supports a healthy inflammatory response too, so you are hitting your sore areas with the “big guns”. I even just got up from writing this post and put it on my neck because I’m a little sore from my workout this morning, plus sitting over the computer gets to my shoulder. Do you ever get that? Well I rubbed some on, didn’t have to get it on my hands because it’s in that easy to apply stick and my neck feels much more relaxed and pain free. This is one tool you will never want to be without.

Deep Blue Stick with Copaiba for Chiropractors

Do I actually even need to write this paragraph after the last one? This one is such a help in chiropractic care, because let’s face it, people often come to you because they are in pain. How great would it be to glide this along their skin when they first arrive, and then proceed to adjust and help them? Their muscles will relax more, and the pain they feel will diminish. To improve health in-between visits, they can use this natural, safe, effective way to manage their pain and support healing when they are not with you!  You might want to check out the copaiba softgels for support of a healthy inflammatory response, with a softgel they can take orally. It’s a way to help your clients even when they are not in the office with you.  How about that?!

I could go on with several more, but if you want to pick my brain then I suggest we get together on a virtual call and lets chat about how I can help support you in giving your clients something almost as special as your care. Your care PLUS essential oils to support their healing and well-being would be out-of-this-world amazing! Shall we get together for a virtual hot chocolate?  I’ll bring the marshmallows! Click here for an ASK ME ANYTHING virtual get-together over Zoom. Can’t wait to share more with you!!

Just remember, Healthy can be simple, and I’m here to show you HOW! Have a great week!



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