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Earning Money with a doTERRA Business

People often ask me, “Are you earning money with your doTERRA Business?” The short answer is yes!  But before you dive in here are some things you should know to help you decide if this is the right step for you.

One of the big complaints about direct selling is the fact that it is direct…you usually start with your family and friends to share your new product. The reason this has left such a sour taste in people’s mouth is often the way people approach it.  Have you ever purchased something because you felt like you “had” to? Because they were a friend or family member? I know I have, and if I’m being honest, I know my family has purchased from me for the same reason.  While that is nice support, the truth is it doesn’t really work unless you see the benefit of the product in your own home and family.

Serve to sell…

The truth about earning money with a doTERRA business is there are things to learn. Like starting any new job, there is a skill set to direct selling that is important to learn before you jump in.

I mentor my people and teach them how to use a servant based approach.  My goal with any person that gets an account with me is to find out what their needs are in their own lives.  Most people have at least 3 top health concerns they would like help with.  These range from healthy metabolism, immunity, emotional support, to anything else you can think of. This is important to address because if I can offer solutions, then I don’t have to sell.  First we talk about what they need, and which products can fulfill that need. By going through and explaining this to them, they are then able to make an informed and educated choice.  This way they are more likely to get the perfect product that will fill their needs.  They are excited and happy, and so am I. That’s a win, win.

Are you and influencer?

If you are one of those people who are an influencer, then a doTERRA Essential Oil business could be a dream job for you. What is an influencer?  It’s that person that everyone trusts to give them good advice.  Whether it’s where to find a great deal, what stock to buy, or who they should vote for, people trust their opinion and seek it out.  So if that person holds a doTERRA class for you, it’s a good bet their people will buy. If they trust her/him, then they will by extension, trust you.

Do you know at least 6-10 people who can afford to spend $100/month on their health? People who are looking for natural solutions and answers? Who would benefit from using healthier, non-toxic products? If you can think of a few people to start with, then this business may just be what you have been looking for!

I am a saleswoman?

Wow, I used to shy away from that phrase. I used to think it meant that made me like a sleezy car salesman. (Apologies to car salesman, most are not sleezy!) Let’s face it though, we all have some form of that picture in our mind. Most of us have had a bad sales experience somewhere along the line. Good salespeople do not EVER make you feel that way. The truth about making money with a doTERRA business is that we really do get to improve the lives of our customers.  We serve to sell. That’s pretty intoxicating stuff, let me tell you!

Hobby or business?

The biggest aspect to setting up for success is learning how to sell.  Most people who start this business say “I don’t want to sell, I just want to share.” That’s perfect, and it’s not. Look, if you just want a hobby, then by all means just share. You’ll earn a little bit and it will be fun.

But if you are someone serious about actually creating a residual income, then learning some of the best approaches is necessary.  And by the way, those who really learn how to sell, aren’t “salesy”.  They fill a need, and people thank them for it.  When what you sell is mutually beneficial, then you are on the right track. If you only benefit yourself, you are climbing the wrong tree. I teach you how to create a business that serves your customers and you.  That makes it fun, rewarding, and financially sustainable.

What works, what doesn’t…

If you look online at averages for who makes money in doTERRA it’s true that there are a lot of people who don’t earn as much as they thought. As I have worked with people for the last 12 years, I have noticed some things that contribute to this.  One, people think this will be a get rich quick kind of business.  It’s not. Like anything worth building, it takes time and some money. You do need to invest approximately $150 month.  Personally I find this easy as my usage of the products is far ranging.  I use the essential oils, but also the skin care, the vitamins, spa products, and so much more.  Now I buy a lot of products at doTERRA that I used to buy at the drug or grocery store. So in some ways, I’m just reallocating where I spend my money.


Two, you have to be willing to put some consistent time into it. If you can give your new business 10-15 hours a week, you will see good things happen. Treat it like a business, and it will pay like a business.  If you treat it like a hobby, it will pay like a hobby.  It’s up to you.

One thing I think doTERRA has going for it, (besides amazing products) is its payout system. When you sign someone up with a kit, you earn 20% for the next 60 days on everything they purchase, including that initial order. This is quick money paid out weekly. It really helps those just starting out to see something for their efforts.

The next level is bonus levels, and as you build they can really bump up your check.They start at $50, then jump to $250 and $1500. Pretty nice I’d say.

Last is the commission that builds up over time on levels as your business grows.  Over time, this will become bigger by far than the other two, but its not quick.  Most people take several years to achieve these kinds of numbers.

Making money with a doTERRA business.

I used to think I wasn’t that successful.  Then I worked in the inner city and tried to help people with managing their money and building budgets. I started realizing what people were making out in the “real” world. I was making what they were making and only putting in a fraction of the hours. That made me realize the gift I have been given. What would success look like for you? Is it more money?  Time freedom?  Flexibility? A way to help others?

I want to give back.  Helping people achieve financial freedom is a goal of mine. doTERRA is one of the tools that I have that can help with this. I am making money on customers I signed up 12 years ago.  They still love the product and buy it every month.  Our rate of people who stay with the products once they start using them is an astonishing 62%.  That’s unheard of in this industry.  Most direct selling companies average about 15% just for comparison.

If you want to talk more about this, and see if being a part of my doTERRA family is something that is a good fit for you, lets chat.  Just click here on My doTERRA Business and go to my calendly to pick your time.  I’ll give you honest answers and you can decide if working with me and this company is the right decision for you. Just know this, I am invested in seeing people succeed.  That means you.

This business can really help you achieve your dreams. Don’t believe me?  I am earning money with my doTERRA business, enough so that when we partnered with doTERRA we built a school. Check out this post on what happened to me…My Dream

Here’s to your healthy physical and financial future! There’s a lot we can accomplish…together!



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