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How to Change to a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you ready to change to a healthy lifestyle? Frustrated with how you look and feel? Do you feeling sluggish, lack clarity of thought, and are your clothes not fitting like they used to?  You are not alone!

We know we need to make a shift, maybe even removing gluten and sugar from our diets.  I know this isn’t easy, but let’s talk about where this is leading us.


Have you ever studied the ingredients in your food?  It’s a bit of a shocker if you haven’t.  Many of the names you can’t even pronounce…and this is our food?  There is power in being healthy.  In feeling like you did 10 or even 20 years ago. But it won’t happen unless we make some changes. Are you ready to change to a healthier lifestyle?

Would you like some great recipes to get started?  Check these out!

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What does being healthy really mean?

When we talk about being healthy, we need to realize our vision of health is individualized, our own perceptions drive us, and our needs challenge us to make changes given our personal circumstances.

For example:

There was an elderly woman who declared in her mid 70s she was perfectly healthy.  She said her diabetes was under control thanks to her Dr., and her knees had been repaired so her pain was gone.  She was experiencing weight gain which she attributed to going through a period of grief . . .but felt reassured she was perfectly healthy. Is this healthy to you?

As I am getting older, I see and understand her definition of health a little more clearly.  And I reject it. I’m sure she would want something better if she thought it was achievable.  I think it is. I know I’m ready to make some healthy lifestyle changes!

Let’s get personal…

In our world today, our individual health is an adaptation to our changing needs – it requires a personalized approach to our care.

There are so many advances we can appreciate in health technology, research and the remarkable strides made in medicine. These all allow for highly specialized health care.

Medical science has done so much for controlling and eradicating infectious disease…in fact we now have the longest life expectancies in generations! Yet despite these advances, many Americans have never been more challenged in their health and wellness pursuits.

What health issues do you struggle with?

Today we deal with many heart and cardiovascular issues, diabetes, cancer and obesity just to name a few.  In fact, we have many  health issues not seen before, even while we have longer life spans. But longer isn’t better if the quality of our lives isn’t high. Quite often the longer life spans are paired with a decreased quality of life, pain, and persistent illness.

It’s time to make a healthy lifestyle change.

Some people love to do a full body cleanse to release toxins and increase their energy and overall health.  I have one for you that you can start any time!  Check it out in our blog post New You Cleanse!

Quality of life is what matters!

That is where your lifestyle choices can really make a difference. And no element of choice holds more influence and more potential for health than our choices surrounding complete nutrition.

Like to FLY?

Our health is not stagnant, it’s in constant movement either towards greater health or falling to an more unwanted outcomes. It’s like loving to fly…flight needs constant forward motion to get anywhere.  Health uses the same principle.

Do you like where you are headed right now in your health?  If not, are you ready to make a change?

One of the great fallacies is that you are healthy until you “feel” sick. The truth is most poor health is not easily recognized until it has developed over an extended period of time without detection.  This is why prevention now, no matter your age, is so impactful.

It’s never too late…

And don’t think it’s too late for you.  As the saying goes, “When is the best time to plant a tree?  25 years ago.  When is the next best time?  Today.”

Remember our body has an amazing capacity to heal and change when we give it what it needs.  So, how about we talk about doing just that, should we?

I am making the assumption that at this point you know that to be healthy you need to put good food into your body.  Strive for lean, hormone free meats like turkey and chicken, and fish.  Lean beef is ok too, but more sparingly.  Do organic meats and grass fed if you can. They are usually more expensive so you be the judge.

Of course we want to include lots of dark leafy greens, but my favorite new vice is cauliflower rice! Have you tried it yet? It’s so great with literally everything!  Download these lean and green recipes for FREE!  My gift to you!

Also…did you realize that broccoli even has some protein?  Yep!  It’s true!  1 cup of chopped broccoli (88grams) has 2.5 grams of protein.  And the essential amino acids you need too.  Yummy!

What if I don’t have time to cook?

“But hey”, you might be saying…”What about when I don’t have a lot of time to cook?  What’s a good option then?”

I’ve got you covered!  I just LOVE the New Nutritional Line made by doTERRA.

You’re gonna love this!

You have a great powdered protein that is gluten free and even a vegan option.  The chocolate and vanilla are whey protein, and the vegan is vanilla flavored and uses pea, brown rice, flaxseed, Sacha inchi, and pumpkin seed to get its protein. And just so you know, the oat flour included in these products is not something you have to worry about.  It’s sourced from a specific plant in Ireland that has very strict gluten controls already in place.  Pretty cool huh?!

Greens and Fiber too?  No way!

Yes way!

Let’s add your doterra powdered greens and a fiber, also gluten free and vegan. So if you are busy and can’t “cook” your greens that day, take a scoop mixed with your favorite juice or water, and voila!  You have 12 grams of greens!

Didn’t get a chance to eat enough fiber? Add your doterra fiber in and now you have 11 grams of fiber too. Easy, peasy and so good for you too. Your body will love how easy it is for it to digest and use these nutrients.  Safe, all natural and effective. Amazing.

Ready to start changing your health trajectory? Are you truly ready to make a change?

Then let’s get started!  First download these FREE lean and green recipes, and then order your nutrition pack today!

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Order the Daily Habits for $185 and add the nutrition products of your choice.  You get so much bang for your buck.


Want some personal coaching to know just how to set up for success!  I am here for you!  Just click ABOVE to schedule your very own Zoom meeting and we’ll get you all set.

I’m so proud of you!  Way to take control of your health and wellness!  Let’s go!

What’s the BEST way to get the oils and products I want?

Typically, if you think you want to start using the oils, the smartest move is to purchase one of our starter kits.  You save a lot and get more for your money.  If you want to check out my special offer, and explore which kits I recommend right now, check out this post entitled “How to get your own Essential Oils and Natural Products“.

*Just a quick note about the Maltodaextrin contained in this product.  Maltodextrin is used as an excipient (processing aid or carrier or incidental additive) and is a crucial ingredient for the production process. The maltodextrin used to produce these supplements is sourced from natural sources like corn, wheat, cassava or tapioca root and is used in very small amounts. dо̄TERRA is transparent with their product labeling and this is why you see maltodextrin listed on their supplement labels and you may not see it included on supplement labels from other companies.

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