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Boosting Immunity…Let’s Get Your Immune On!


If you are like me, then right now, super-charging your immunity is high on your list.  Prevention beats feeling lousy any day of the week, right? Check out these ideas to boosting your immunity….let’s your immune on!

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I have some concrete ideas here just for you to help keep you feeling healthy and happy.  While no one can guarantee that you won’t ever get under the weather, there are things you can do to boost your immune system to feel your best.  See what you think!

Drink up!

Did you know that lemon essential oil is a great one for boosting immunity?

One of my favorite and tasty ways to boost my immunity is to add  2-3 drops of lemon essential oil into my water bottle. (Mine holds about 3 cups, so about a drop per cup.) Just make sure your bottle is stainless steel or glass as citrus oils can break down plastic causing you to drink the plastic.  Not good.  So use a good water bottle.

Staying hydrated is important, and these two go hand in hand. Since we are made mostly of water, and our immune system depends on the nutrients it receives from our blood system, staying hydrated is an important part of boosting immunity.  Adding the lemon essential oil gives it extra power.

The oil I recommend is doTERRA’s lemon essential oil because it is safe to use internally.  Be sure that you don’t use a brand that hasn’t been tested for purity as many companies adulterate their oils with synthetics and other fillers that may not be safe for internal use.  Be wise. It makes a big difference in how effective the oils can be.

Wake UP! No wait…don’t….

Getting good rest is essential for supporting a healthy immune system.  Want some  ideas to help you get the most out of your night time hours?

Developing a routine for winding down is essential. And turning off your electronics can have a major effect.  Blue light from your screens messes with the circadian rhythm in your body which controls your sleep cycle.  It sends the wrong signals when you are trying to get some rest.

As part of that routine, I suggest diffusing lavender essential oil into the air by your bed, or if you don’t have a diffuser you can put some water and several drops of lavender essential oil into a spray bottle and spritz your pillows and linens.  They will smell great and can help you nod off to dreamland in no time.

I also like to rub some lavender essential oil under my nose, on the bottoms of my feet, on my chest and massage my ear lobes with it. This routine sends the signal to my body that it’s time to calm down, breathe deeply and get ready to rest.  You might also add the Breathe blend from doTERRA as it has been shown that when ease of breathing increases, stress levels go down and we relax easier.  That can help you get to sleep faster too.

More sleep gives your body much more of a fighting chance when it encounters viruses and other seasonal threats.  Sleep helps the body to recover faster too, so improving your sleep is a vital part of boosting immunity, and lavender and Breathe essential oils can be great tools to making your rest time your best time.

OnGuard…no I’m not talking about swords…

One oil you just can’t be without this time of year is the blend called OnGuard. With the perfect blend of cinnamon, clove wild orange, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils it is a heavy hitter when it comes to boosting your immunity.

Did you know that clove oil has amazing anti-microbial properties and germicidal properties? Yep, and cinnamon has been thought throughout history to promote protection and prosperity.  Pretty great to have these all in one don’t you think?  That’s why OnGuard also makes a great cleaner around your kitchen and bath as well as helping to purify your air when diffused. I even have it in a foaming hand soap that I love and I will give you a recipe at the bottom to make your own hand sanitizer if you wish!

Favorite Immune Boost Tip

I love to use a few drops of OnGuard essential oil blend in a capsule if I’m feeling under the weather to boost my immune system, and sometimes I’ll even combine a few drops of OnGuard with oregano essential oil, lemon essential oil and frankincense essential oil in a capsule for a powerful immune boost.  If you choose to do this be sure to take it after you eat as oregano, clove and cinnamon are warm oils and I wouldn’t want you to feel any discomfort.

Remember again to not take any essential oils internally unless you know they are certified pre therapeutic grade essential oils.  As a tool to support your immune system, I think you will find them to be incredibly effective and powerful.  Remember it only takes a 2-3 drops to get maximum effect.

The last recommendation I have for you in this post would be to take a pure liquid Zinc and place under your tongue for about a minute and then swallow.  Zinc is great to support your immune system and help keep you feeling your best. It’s best to take it as soon as you might feel like your body could use some immune support.

Don’t be caught unprepared this season.  Do all you can to help your body feel its best.  Remember, if you take care of it, it will take care of you!

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Free DIY Recipe: Here’s that natural hand sanitizer recipe I said I’d share.  Keeping your hands sanitized with natural products goes a long way in boosting immunity and keeping you safe. Let me know what you think!


  1. 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel.
  2. 4 tablespoons water.
  3. ¼ teaspoon vitamin E oil.
  4. 10-15 drops OnGuard Essential Oil
  5. 1-2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol(optional)

Mix all together in a 2 oz glass bottle with spray cap, shake and enjoy!

What’s the best thing for me from here?

Typically, if you think you want to start using the oils, the smartest move is to purchase one of our starter kits.  You save a lot and get more for your money.  If you want to check out my special offer, and explore which kits I recommend right now, check out this post entitled “How to get your own Essential Oils and Natural Products“.

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