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Blues Getting to You? Not This Time!

For most, celebrations or special events are typically one of joy, family gatherings, merry-making, shopping, good food, and lots of fun.  But not for everyone.  Do you find the blues getting to you?  Not this time! Check out my ideas to make your special event, even in one of the most difficult years in recent memory, be one of the best ever!

I guess I should tell you that this particular post will probably have very little to do with oils.  I will have a few suggestions there, but mostly this is about how to help you enjoy your celebration.

Celebration time?

How is it possible that what is a celebration time for so many can also be the worst for others?  If you are reading this, I am guessing you fall into the “worst moments” category. I hope you find the ideas given here to make a difference for the better.  I hope you will share any ideas you may have to help others get through this time down in the comments section as well.  When we help each other, that changes everything!

Suggestion #1:

Write an anonymous, kind note to the crankiest person you know.  Seriously.  Mail it, drop it off, whatever. This will be fun.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes that person so disagreeable?  Do they have physical, emotional, or mental pain?  Have they been abused, abandoned or all of the above?  If we stop looking at others as “jerks” or “mean” and start to see the human being underneath…we’ll usually find someone not so different from ourselves.

Now…what happens when that person gets a note highlighting their good qualities or something nice they just did?  Like maybe they have beautiful eyes or a wonderful smile.  Or maybe they are quick witted or just funny.  You might have to be a little creative to find something good to tell them… but trust me, it’s there.  And it will mean more to them than you’ll probably ever know!   They may not even show it, but for someone like you to notice them and show a little love… wow, what a different that can make…even if they don’t know its you.  After you do this, take a little stock on how you feel…I’m betting you’ll feel more peace and maybe just a little more joy in your heart. Give it a try.

Suggestion #2:

Play instrumental music that is uplifting on your way to the event.  What kind of music do you like? What makes you smile or feel powerful?  Try some epic instrumental music, or big beat music. I love Epic music. In fact, just type in epic music on Spotify or Pandora and see what you get!  Or mix it up!  I even tried “French cafe music”.  It’s fun! Save those that really move you.  Music can be a strong catalyst for good.  Use it to help you feel powerful and full of promise!  Be sure to share some of your favorites.

Suggestion #3:

Notice who else might be uncomfortable at your celebration.  Chances are you are not the only one. See what you can do to set them at ease.  When you focus on someone else, your own sorrows and uncomfortableness have a tendency to disappear.

Suggestion #4:

MOVE.  Yep, get up off the couch and MOVE.  If you can, go outside for a walk.  Get in a workout. Go for a hike.  If going outside isn’t an option, walk around your apartment or house.  Add music and dance around the house!  Laugh at yourself and have fun with it!  Find the beauty around you. It’s there…I promise.  Notice what is good around you…colors, differences in people, smiles, eyes, thoughtful gestures like opening a door for someone or just saying hello.  Just get up and get out!  Share YOU with those around you.  They need you and your smile and your hello so much more than either of you know.  So share the goodness that is YOU!  Get going…Now!

Suggestion #5:

Focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Read His words.  Learn something new from Him.  Pray to the Father and talk to Him.  He is your friend.  They both are.  Focus on what you can learn from this babe born in Bethlehem that changed the world. And from the man, and Savior of us all that He became.  How can He heal you?  How can you be His hands?  Find the Joy in the Now.

Suggestion #6:

Ok, this is the oil one.  Have you ever noticed how smells trigger emotions and feelings?  They actually create a chemical response in your brain that can help influence your mood.  So, if you are feeling blue, how about diffusing some cinnamon, or some Citrus Bliss, some Douglas Fir or some plain lemon. Try some combos!  Pick your favorite!

Blues Getting to You?  Not this time!

So how’s that for not letting the blues get to you, not this time.  And each time you can make a decision to employ the ideas you found here. You have some tools. You know how great you are. Now go and enjoy your time and celebrate! Find joy in the little things.

If you do want to get some oils you can order here at retail, or check out the “I’m Ready” blog post for a guide on some of our best deals on kits and memberships.  As always, I’m here to help. Let me know if you have any questions.  There are some amazing oils that you can use topically, internally and by diffuser to lift your spirits and help you feel more relaxed and at peace this holiday season.

Here’s my best suggestion…get your own kit today to start enjoying the oils and saving.  i highly recommend the Healthy Habits kit.  Then next month order the Mind and Mood kit.  It’s only $75/month and will last for 3 months and bring you a kit that builds on itself each month for mind and mood wellness.  You’ll love it!  Click HERE to create your own retail or wholesale account. I do have a special offer that will save you BIG if you act now.  Let me know if I can be of service!!

So here’s to YOU!  I wish you a very Happy, and Healthy year!  Together we can make it happen.  Hugs!


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